Path to a Scrivener document rtf filename

In a MS Word (or rtf) file I’d like to insert a link to a specific Scrivener document. For that I need the path to the rtf file holding that document in the Scrivener project folder, so that when clicking on the link that file will open.

Is there a way to get this path directly from Scrivener (rather than going into the File/Docs subfolder)?

We wouldn’t recommend doing that as the temptation to then edit that file would be rather high, and editing another program’s data files without that program is a recipe for disaster. This is why we don’t make it easy to get to the original file—if it were safe to open and edit these files then perhaps it would make sense to have a command that shows the original file in Windows or something.

If you’re aware of the limitations and only wish to passively view the files (I’d still be very careful, especially with a program like Word that tends to “take over” a file and fill it with tons of formatting clutter, potentially removing Scrivener-specific codes in the text and so forth), then it sounds like you know how to get there, but that’s up to you to do that. :slight_smile:

Just so you know we do plan to add a mechanism that would allow you to load a file within a project in Scrivener from an external link. That way when you clicked on the hyperlink in MS Word, the correct project would open and the targeted file would be displayed in the main editor for you.

JPh1, I’d add that once you’ve found the file via the Explorer preview pane, you can drag it into the matching Document References list so that you won’t have to unearth it again.

Doc Ref entries can’t be dragged out of Scrivener AFAIK, but you can certainly drag them into Project Notes or other Scriv editor panes, and thence just about anywhere.

Rgds – Jerome