Patience is a virtue

I saw some unkind posts over in your blog post area. I’d react non-constructively by banning those users from my products for life. Good thing I’m not in charge of moderating.

I’ve been using the beta for several versions and have enjoyed the progress. I will be glad when it’s all done, but as a software developer myself I know it’s far better to release software when it’s ready, not on some artificial deadline,

Yes, the incivility is really quite sad. It is bizarre when people take it so personally. It’s not like they’re shoving gambling microtransactions into the product ala EA and Activision.

Scrivener 1 is still a fine product that I can use without issue, Notepad++ or Zim Wiki will work in a pinch. Scrivener 3 betas are free. I feel so sorry for the developers and anyone who interacts with the community.

I feel the same; the beta is working really well (for me) and I’m very impressed with the hard work that is clearly going into getting it ready. No complaints about the delay; I’d rather have a finished product.

As many have said, 'I can wait for the product when its ready." I to can wait and although a date has been given, don’t force it into being cast in stone, iron or granite. It should be treated like a goal to achieve. Yes its disappointing when it comes and goes but its something that people apparently need to strive for. Programing is an art of sorts in that care must be given to ensure that lines are just right else we get those bugs as with trying to make something work. Its a craft just like any other endeavor. Nobody can claim to write a masterpiece early in life. Not even Beethoven. First he had to learn to play; prodigy or not and a lot was because of his father. Even Mozart had to learn, prodigy that he was.

But this is not music but it plays out as one. People are becoming frustrated and taking it out here on the forums. That’s not what its intended for. Any date given should not be taken lightly but should not be held to either. It’s a goal and nothing more and I applaud the developers, beta testers finding flaws and such and reporting their findings. But with each flaw found it can push back the release date as programmers try to reproduce it on their end for verification purposes. If it can’t be reproduced that either means its possibly caused by some other piece of software (video drivers, malware, viruses or some other error), but that does take the few who are coding away from their task to try and determine the error and then where.

They, the developers, are feeling the ends of their labor but when people near their goal it feels like a rush to the finish line and people are more prone to making errors unintentionally. Their nerves are becoming frayed and muscles tense while their mind turns to mush.

That is why there is a lot of burnout from programmers and many don’t recover after a said project is released. But that doesn’t end the frustration for while they worked on what ‘they’ consider to be the most problematic of coding errors before they then turn towards the others that were deemed low on the totem pole but not forgotten. The ones that didn’t bring their work to a halt but needed resolution as well. And while some claim its of the utmost importance that their findings needed to be brought to the forefront its up to them at the other end who really makes that determination, not us. We don’t see what they see at their end and even if you did would you really be able to decipher all those lines of gibberish? Really? And if so, can you do that say 5-6 days a week for say 2 years?

Really its a pain to sit for hours on end looking at a screen filled with line after line trying to code while your eyes strain in such a short time. Then there are the meetings, and other happenings behind the veil.

So I say for all the griping that’s been done, we all need to chill a little and let the pro’s do their work while we help them out. It’s been said that we have a valid copy of the program. I see it as a privilege to be able to use what’s up and coming and like the developers I can’t wait for the day when their fruits of labor is finally released. But that’s only part of the battle. I can wait because really what choice do I have? Sure I can just call it quits and look at other software but why? We all put some form of time and effort into this. Some if not more than others.

Flaws are a given. Not all software is perfect but some are better out of the gate then others. So, like others before me who have said they can wait, so can I.

Well. . . I think it is more of a survival mechanism.