Pay it forward -- "Buying" a pre-release?

Been following this project for a while – and using the beta since the beginning of this year – and know that like a lot of projects in the midst of a bug-hunt, the release schedule has bloated a bit.

Hopefully funding isn’t an issue. But in case you need capital, and it looks like release might slip again, have you considered selling “pre-releases”? Or letting us pay in advance?

The reason I ask is that outside of some App developers, you all are the most responsive team of developers I’ve met, and, in this age of “free-ish” software, you’ve put together a product and service that I WANT to pay for!

I agree with this.

So in a few days the windows trial software will stop working. How can we go on with our work while there is not a paid release available? (I’m new here. I like the software! :mrgreen: )

A new beta will be released before it expires. Glad you like the software.

Great. Thanks for your quick reply!

To all the new people who’ve only ever seen b24: what happens is, prior to the expiry of the current beta, a new version will be distributed with a new expiration date. The team is working around the clock to get b25 ready before this expiration, and so far it’s looking very good.


I can’t wait to see the new build! I know how hard you all must be working on this (software development is so intense at this stage of the release process).

Again, definitely let us (on the forums) know if there’s a way we can help support the dev team!

  • Matt

I totally agree with Matt. I’m such a cheapskate when it comes to software, and here I am wanting/waiting to pay you guys out of gratitude.

But don’t let it get to your heads, you guys have priced it perfectly :wink:

I agree! I’d be happy to pre-pay if funds are a problem. I also agree with the comment that the pricing is right; it’s the combination of your dedication and the reasonableness of the pricing that makes it so easy to offer to pre-pay.

Thanks for all your work!

Likewise. I’d definitely be more than willing to pay in advance. Even in beta, and with the bugs, Scrivener is rapidly becoming one of my favourite creative writing apps. I’m already using it on a daily basis for active projects. I can’t wait to see how the first full release will turn out. And I’ll be ecstatic when the Windows version draws level with the Mac version. As a long-time PC user, Scrivener was the only app that had me looking enviously at the Mac. Now I don’t need to any more. :slight_smile:

And it’s not just the software and the pricing (which is remarkably reasonable). It’s the active support and forums. I consider support and a lively, enthusiastic “community” just as important as good software. I’ve unfortunately encountered far too many otherwise excellent programs which disappoint badly with lack of support and community forums. This would actively put me off purchasing the software.

Agree 100%. Would happily haul out my money now. It’s magic software. :smiley:

Still no direct answer to prepaying? :slight_smile:

The question actually comes up pretty often. I don’t speak for L&L, but in the past the answer has been “thanks for the sentiment, but no.”

I can see why. Having people begging to send you money is much better than having people grumpy because they pre-paid for a release that isn’t appearing as quickly as expected.


lol - never thought of it that way…

Even the sad puppy dog eyes failed. :frowning:

But I can see your point. LOL!