Pay to upgrade old Scrivener?

Windows 10 user and have an old version of Scrivener. Haven’t updated manually in some time, but it always worked fine. Just bought a new PC, and had to download the new Scrivener app - but even after I enter my serial license number, it states I still must pay $24.95 to upgrade. Is that correct or am I missing something? My ‘trial’ expires in a few weeks so I’m hoping I don’t have to pay to upgrade…

You can download the old version 1.9.17 here.

Your serial number should work with this version.


So even as we own the old version, if we are to upgrade, it is a paid upgrade? I paid $40 some time ago, and now I must pay an additional $25 to upgrade?

Windows Scrivener 3 is a free upgrade for anyone who purchased after November, 2017.

If the store does not appear to be handling your upgrade correctly, please open a support ticket, here:


If you bought Scrivener after 20 Nov 2017, version 3 is free to you (on the same platform). If you bought before that, $24.95 is the upgrade price. Version 3 is a massive upgrade. It took many thousands of man-hours. It isn’t free, and it shouldn’t be.

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Understood. It’s not Adobe nor Corel. I own the 2014 version, so upgrade away it must be… Thank you all.