paying before the trial period is up

Hi, I have just downloaded the trial for Scrivener and it has taken my project on to a new level that is very exciting. I am often away for long periods of time and would like to pay for it now so I don’t lose everything I have been working on if I am away when the trial runs out. If I click ‘buy now’ on l&l will my existing trial just become registered and go on as normal or will I have to transfer the project to a new version? If so how would I do that? I’m a bit nervous but am sure I want to go ahead. This is the programme for me. Congratulations!

You can just buy the application. A serial number will be sent to you which you’ll have to enter. Then the demo becomes a full version. No need to import anything :slight_smile:
In fact, I bought Scrivener the very day I discovered it. It’s so cool!!!


Hi, yes, as Novatlan says, you don’t need to change anything or download anything else. You just receive a serial number which you enter into the version you are using, which will get rid of the time limit.