Paying Twice for Scrivener on IOS :(

Hi, I have the latest version of Scrivener installed on my iPad, but I cannot install it on my iPhone without paying.

I thought that the IOS version of Scrivener included both iPad and iPhone. Am I wrong?


It’s an iOS (iPhone and iPad) app. One purchase, multiple devices. Are you absolutely sure you’re logging in with the same iTunes account? Appears as an existing purchase? … 87337?mt=8

Solved! Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m downloaded to my my iPhone but it doesn’t come up on my iPad.
How can I fix this?

Make sure the iPad is logged into the App Store software with the same Apple ID you used for the iPhone. Look at the Purchases tab.

Sadly, if that doesn’t work we’re going to have to direct you to Apple support. We have no ability to update registration information for iOS applications.


Thanks - I’m sorted now!

I have the app on my MAC but can’t not figure out how to get it to work on my ipad without paying extra for the app. How do it link up the registration on the ipad?

iOS and macOS are separate OS platforms and, therefore, separate apps. If you want both, you have to pay for both.

If Scrivener is on the ipad, will it sync with dropbox and look the same as it does on the Mac and can you write on it on the ipad?

Will it sync? Yes, if you set it up to look in the folder om Dropbox where you jave your projects.
Will it look the same? Mo, it’s an iOS app, not an OS X app.
Can you write with it? Yes.

Thank you for all of the responses. Which app do I need? There is one called Scrivener which says it is a productivity app for $19.99 and one called Scrivo Pro for Scriveners - writing tool for writers for $7.99. I am not sure which is the one that will sync with the program on my MAC.

Scrivo Pro is not a Literature & Latte product. You want Scrivener. A direct link is here: … er?tab=iOS


Thank you. I downloaded Scrivener on my ipad. How do I connect it with the project I created on the mac and that is in dropbox on the ipad?

I tried to open the file that is stored in drop box and it said No Preview Available. I was able to open the files before I downloaded the scrivener app.

On the Mac, the file is Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener
On the Ipad, the file is Dropbox:Apps:Scrivener

Does that make a difference?

There’s a troubleshooting guide for iOS syncing here: … os-syncing

And a complete setup guide here: … g-with-ios


I had this problem too and it didn’t resolve itself - the App Store on my iPhone still showed it as £19.99 even though as I had bought it and was using it on my iPad. Same account.

The solution was: go on the App Store on iPhone, click on Today on bottom left hand corner then Purchased Apps. It will show Scrivener with a Cloud next to it. just download it.

Very odd - never had that before.

Kudos to KB from an old programmer. The design of Scrivener is so logical that it took me only 15 mins to get writing on my Mac for nanowrimo and the same for iOS - syncing through Dropbox videos made it very easy. Longest time was in deciding where to put my backups and check I could do the important stuff - particularly restore from backup.