PC crash and Scrivener erased my pages

My PC crash of a energy related problem, and when it comes back Screivenir erased all my scene, all what I have writed was gone. So please tell me if i must search for another software to write or tell me how I can restore my work. Backup just saves the empty page. I will not continuos using a software that lost data that way if something fails.

You should figure out why your PC is crashing. If the PC fails when there is unsaved data in memory, there isn’t much that Scrivener (or any other software) can do.

It wouldn’t hurt to use Windows Explorer to search for something that you would expect to find in the missing material. Depending on the nature of the crash, there might be “Recovered Files” saved somewhere on your disk.

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Is it just what you were working on at the time of the crash that was lost or is other work missing, too?

As @kewms , unfortunately work can be lost in any application if crashing occurs. However, this should not impact any previous work, such as documents that were created in separate writing sessions.

Where is your work saved? If you’re using a cloud service, you may be able to access version history to find missing work. You may also need to adjust your settings if your work is going missing (beyond a crash scenario).

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