PC Scrivener Needs Text-to-speech Option

I have been using Scrivener for just a week or so now, and love it. However, it appears the Mac version has a “read to me” option, that the Windows version lacks. Is this in the works? It would be great if I could review my work by listening to it, without having to copy and paste it elsewhere, or export it.

Otherwise, so far, I am just loving this program!!


A better way of putting it would be: a text-to-speech system needs to support Scrivener. :slight_smile: This is the kind of technology that is way outside of our area of expertise; the sort of gradually improving field of technology that decades of some of the brightest minds have been working on. We just making writing software here!

As for why the Mac has it? Well, the Mac has it—as in I can have this post read aloud to me from the web browser. It’s just one of those things Mac users have at all times in nearly every context, like spelling and grammar check. That’s way outside of what we can provide ourselves, too.

I use ‘Text Aloud’ by Nextup. It works perfectly with Scrivener. You just highlight the text you want it to read, and away it goes.