PC to Mac transfer

Hi! I’m switching operating systems and wondering if I need to buy Scrivener for Mac even though I purchased and have been using the version for Windows. Any advice about how to move my project?


FYI, I’m just a customer, not L&L.

Yes, you’ll need to purchase a Mac Scriv v3 license. All three platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS) require a separate license.

If you want to see whether L&L might offer you a bundle discount, contact sales@literatureandlatte.com. I have no idea whether they’ll do such a thing, but it can’t hurt to ask.

While you’re waiting for them to reply, you can download the Mac Scriv v3 software here and use it on a 30 day trial basis.


Thank you so much for your help, Jim!

Meant to add, good luck with your move to the Mac! I hope it all goes smoothly. :grinning:

Easiest way to move your project is to create a ZIP backup from the Windows side, transfer it to the Mac by any convenient method, then uncompress the file on the Mac.

Make sure everything has transferred successfully before you dispose of the PC.

Keep a few of your auto saved back ups too. You never know!