pdf and fullscreen

No, not wanting to edit a pdf at all.

Simply - I saw in the ‘sales info page’ KB has on the website that it is possible to view an image while in fullscreen mode - have it alongside the editing screen.

I wonder if there is any way to have a pdf show in a keywords type resizable HUD in fullscreen? I’m using a split-pane set up, and it works fine, but I’d love to declutter while I’m making a page notes on a PDF. For actual pdf annotation I use an external editor, so that is NOT what I am asking for here, merely whether there is a way to view research items in Fullscreen view, either officially or via a workaround.


One of the things you can do in full screen mode is adjust the opacity of the blackout layer - setting it to low opacity will let you see supporting material behind fullscreen. You can put your supporting material all the way to the right and tell fullscreen to put your page of text all the way to the left, then adjust the opacity so you can see the supporting material.

Hope this helps!

Oh, d’oh.

Of course. I’ll have to switch off Spirited Away, possibly. ponders

will do for now :slight_smile: Thanks very much janra! :smiley: