pdf annotations

I’ve noticed that Leopard now lets you do annotations of various kinds on pdfs in preview, and those annotations are available when I import a pdf into Scrivener. But is there any way to add those annotations to pdfs from within Scrivener?

Please search the forum or see the FAQ, either the FAQ in the forum or the one in the Help file that comes with Scrivener (Useful Tips & FAQ > How can I annotate a PDF file I have inside Scrivener?). This has come up a lot.
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When I heard of Skim I instantly installed it (four “i” in a row, does that give me a bonus ball or something?).

When you are working with lots of texts, mostly research material by other writers in my case, it’s just great if you could highlight and annotate them like you would do on paper. And it’s even greater when it’s a free program and not the very expensive one from the very expensive company that came up with the PDF format.

But it also didn’t take me long to decide not to use Skim because it’s annotation and highlighting method seems to be proprietary. I did not find one other program that could display them (Scrivener definitely does not). To be totally dependent to one program when I comes to something vital as manuscript annotations? No way.

This is totally different to the annotations and highlightings Leopard’s Preview generates. They are visible in Scrivener and probably every other program that uses standard OS techniques.

I didn’t know that until I read mark’s posting this morning, so thank you very much! At least for me this really useful feature had vanished amidst all the colourful new Leopard stuff … hey, Apple, it’s not just stacks!

The idea of making some of the file formats – not audio and video, mind you, just the text formats – in Scrivener’s research department editable by Scrivener itself is not that bad. How about 3.0, maybe?