pdf appendix

I’m doing a presentation and have outlined it and added images etc. I want to add 3 pdf forms to the end of the presentation. I want to compile to pdf. I cannot figure out how to do it.

After a couple hours trying to figure it out, I gave up and compiled to pdf and then added the three pages to that file. However, every time I make a change, I need to compile to pdf and then open my pdf editor and add each of the 3 files.

I’ve added the general metadata for each page checking include in compile. but apparently, you cannot include research in the compile, or I can’t find where to do it. Also I cannot import pdf into draft section.

There’s got to be a place to put stuff that will compile that isn’t text. Like a way to have an appendix.

No, there isn’t. The Draft folder is text documents only that will run through the Compile engine. Compile only works against text documents, and there is not a mechanism to glue on non-text documents during a compile. If you’re doing that, you probably have enough other tweaks that you need to be editing the compiled PDF output file in a PDF editor anyway.

The closet you can get is to export the pages of your pdf file as images and put them after each other as images in texts. You can make a folder and have page1, page2, page3 as texts and inside you put the pages of the pdf file as images. You can then add this folder to any project where you want to include these pdf files. But you can not include them as pdf files, only as images - one image per page.