pdf becomes png, generates error

To include graphics, I drag a pdf file into Scrivener. The MMD to LaTeX to PDF route works fine. But after closing and re-opening Scrivener, the same actions lead to a fatal pdfTeX error:

Not a PNG file, no output PDF file produced!

The document.tex folder contains png files, which are perfectly viewable in OS X Preview.

Until now my solution was to drag the original image.pdf file back into Scrivener, but as I’m working on a document with multiple graphics now, this has become irritating.

So, what happens to the graphics files in between closing and re-opening Scrivener, and how can I prevent this error from occurring?


Hang tight on this one. In the current release (2.0.2), dragged PDFs get reformatted to images due to the fact that RTF, the underlying save format, does not support embedded PDFs. We’ll have a fix for this in 2.0.3 which will use a special proprietary tag to indicate PDF embedded binary data, which will re-assembled and then displayed using the RTFD engine (which can handle embedded PDFs) while viewing it in Scrivener. The new method will produce PDF files in the MMD compile folder, if the original resource was a PDF.