PDF compilation problems

sarajevo.pdf (122 KB)sarajevo.pdf (122 KB)I’m trying to compile an already formatted Scrivener file into a PDF but when I compile, the pdf only compiles the first page in a chapter file, instead of the entire chapter. Formatting as a paperback novel for compiling for pdf, also loses the pages and breaks each chapter with a single page with only the chapter title.
As if that weren’t bad enough, the Scrivener files keep reformatting themselves, or at least half of themselves, by turning in to single column type documents.
Can anyone explain/resolve these problems?
cock up.pdf (64.6 KB)

I don’t have enough information on the first problem to give you a solid answer, but generally speaking it is a good idea to go into the Contents pane in the compiler and make sure everything that should be is listed, and that those that are listed and should be compiling all have a checkmark in the “Include” column. Page breaks can be investigated in the Separators pane.

By “single column” do you mean the bit on the second page with the deep right-indent? It could be you pasted that in from a word processor that sets the right-indent on copy.

I can’t think of any circumstance that would cause them to “format themselves” however. What do you mean by that? Is formatting reverting or changing in documents while you aren’t looking? That could be a sign of minor corruption if the project is regularly synchronised with some kind of third-party tool like Dropbox. Basically you can end up with two RTF files in the case of a conflict, one has the fixed formatting and the other computer has the old formatting. So you switch back and, poof, it looks like the formatting changed itself, but in fact you’re just looking at an older version of the data that got forked off on this computer. That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause it to “change” without your input.

Tito(best edit)4.pdf (806 KB)I get what you’re saying, Amber but there is no regular Dropbox update occurring and this particular edit has been used to compile a pdf in the past. I would never have compiled a pdf, in the first place, if it weren’t for my involvement with the so called, ‘partners’, like Smashwords, used by iBooks, Sony and others, as a sort of buffer zone between them and self publishers. This has meant creating a bunch of different formats and adjustments before they accept an epub version, even when your own, Scrivener compiled, epub version is, as good as, if not better, than theirs.
Anyway, I went back to the Scrivener edit I used for my epub and mobi publications. My objective is to produce a pdf that will match the requirements for print copies, as outlined by Createspace. Having got all the Createspace format wrinkles worked out, I compiled the pdf which did what all the other pdfs have done…ie, compiled only the first page of the first five chapters, excluding the other pages.
Then, when I went back to the Scrivener file, those pages that had not been included in the pdf, had narrowed to single column style formats, while other chapter files had gained blank pages that were never in the original files. It appears that as soon as I solve one problem, another appears.
I don’t know why my Scrivener files appear to revert to this single column appearance and I’m sure it something irritably simple. I’ve tried reformatting the individual files. I’ve tried removing all tab stops, to no avail. If you look at the attached file, sara/scrivform, it shows the end of the first page of the chapter titled, Sarajevo, then the second page is in this single column format.
I’ve included the entire pdf of this last compilation, so you can see how only the first page of the first few chapters, is affected.

I went in to the body of the latest pdf compilation and it appears to have compiled the first page, only of each chapter with a full page separator between each, carrying the chapter/file heading.

I think I may have discovered something that could explain this…even though I’ve yet no idea how to fix it.
I selected the ‘ebook’ file in the binder and discovered this (binder.jpg),(binder.jpg which reveals the chapter ends abruptly,ebk1.jpg. But, when I open the chapter file itself,bndfile.jpg, you can see where the rest of that chapter continues as a single column format.

So let’s go back to this:

What does that mean in terms of actions and reactions? Give me the precise sequence of events, from when you fixed the text so that it wrapped to the edge of the page instead of prematurely, to when you noticed that its formatting had reverted.

P.S. I also note you’ve started a ticket and are being helped by Katherine. It would be more efficient to keep all of the troubleshooting in one place. I’ve already referred to this thread in that ticket for reference.

The only ‘post’ regarding this issue is what you see, as far as I’m aware. Unless you’re referring to a question sent to Scrivener via their Help’ drop down menu?
I can’t break this down, backwards, Amber. If I could, this entire exchange might be redundant. If you read my last post, you might click what I’m experiencing.
All of this came about because the book, an ebook , written and compiled, by and through, Scrivener, had to be ‘vetted’ by Smashwords before they could approve it for iBooks, Barnes & Noble etc. This meant there was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing before the Smashwords’ Auto-vetter approved the book. Now I have a document that, somewhere along that path, appears to have gone astray. Since I have the raw material, ie the copy, is there some way I can strip it right back and build it all up again?