PDF compile has no space between header and text

I use a template when I compile my books into a pdf, but with the new version of Scrivener, there is no space between the header and the text. In the attached image, the image on the top is how it looks now. The image on the bottom is how it used to look. Is there a setting I can change, or is this a bug?
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 3.26.37 PM.png

It is possible to achieve an effect like this by inserting empty lines into the header or footer fields. If you go into the upper-left field in your compile settings and copy and paste those out into a new text editor window, does it have any empty lines?

Another potential culprit are odd paper settings. Selecting a standard (like A4 or US Letter) and testing that way would confirm whether that is the case.

When I’m in the Compile screen under Page Settings, and I go to Page Setup, the Paper Size is set to Untitled because I’m compiling it for a 6 x 9 page. Like I said, I use a template, so nothing’s changed except the version of Scrivener.

I’d like to try to add an extra line under in the header as you suggest, but I don’t know where you’re referring to. Please give me a specific path to follow.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Okay, if you are using stock settings, you could try re-applying the default settings by selecting it from the “Format As” drop-down menu again (Paperback Novel and the version with part folders are the 6x9 based presets with provide with the software). If with the fresh application of default settings you still get the odd header placement, would the project be something you wouldn’t mind sending to tech support? Also, what Scrivener and Mac OS X versions are you running?

I’m running Yosemite (10.10.5) with Scrivener version 2.7. I’m fine with sending you my project, or even just the template I’m using as that seems to be the issue. I tried using the Paperback novel template, and the spacing is fine there for the header, although there are a number of other changes I’d need to make to have it work like my template.


Ah, sorry, when you mentioned that it was just a template I assumed that meant a default built-in template / compile preset, not something you’ve created yourself. Well then in that case we could still be looking at the second culprit: when you manage your custom paper sizes and edit the “Untitled” paper size (you can give it a better name here as well), then check to make sure the non-printable areas (which are not to be confused with margins—those you set up in Scrivener’s compile panel) are not set to something very large. In my experiments, setting the top non-printable area to 2cm will position the header very much like in your screenshot.

Yes, the preset should be enough in fact. You can export these as files from the Manage Compile Format Presets window and then attach that file to an e-mail. I can then import it and apply it to a project to test.

I was mainly suggesting this as a diagnostic step. If it works fine using another compile preset, then we know the problem is with compile settings and not off somewhere else (like a newly installed printer). It also means you can examine the two presets for differences in which fields they fill in and what checkboxes they use. Somewhere in all of those settings is the problem, and flipping between the two presets is the fastest way to figure out which one. Anything different is suspect.

Success! I duplicated the Paper Size (and gave it a name), and changed the bottom from .56 inches to .25. All the rest were already .25 inches. That seemed to fix it.

Thanks for your help!

Great! I wonder why that changed suddenly in the update? Well, stranger things have indeed happened. 8)