PDF compile

Hey all,

recently I started having a little problem when compiling a project to PDF. This specifically applies to a “Stage Play UK”-Project, which I am using in Scriptwriting Mode, and which I have modified a little bit, concerning fonts and indents. When I compile it to any other format than PDF it works fine, but compiling to PDF makes Scrivener crash. I work on Mac. It’s not the biggest problem in the world yet, since the script is far from done, but PDF is my preferred format to send to test readers, so I’ll need it eventually. So I just wondered if anybody had the same problem or maybe even a solution.


Could you please either attach a sample project showing the issue, or email the project to Mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com? There are no known bugs of this sort, so I’d be grateful if I could test the project so that I can see the bug for myself and find the cause.

Many thanks,