PDF Compiler doesn't complete the process

I have a project file that I’ve been working with just fine. I was able to compile not only my ebooks but the PDF copy as needed. I made some edits to the scenes of a chapter and saved. Then went to recompile each of the versions I needed (one of them being a PDF). The compiler successfully completed all other versions but the PDF. It walks through the compiling phase but never produces the file. I’ve let it sit for well over 20 mins in this state but to no avail.

Any ideas on how to get the compiling of the PDF to work again? Is there something in the project file I can address to fix this?

Please advise.

If you added any images in the most recent edits, that the first thing I would investigate. It could be the compiler needs to do something with the image it didn’t need to do with e-books, and is getting tripped up on the format for some reason.

Thanks for that. There are images in the document (book plate and a cover page I only tick off for inclusion when I do a PDF) but here’s the kicker - those images haven’t changed since I started the project file. The change I am making are with six scenes in ONE chapter. All text. No special formatting or characters in it.

I’ve narrowed it down to a single 18 page scene in the book. I get edits from my editor in Word format. Usually I approve or reject them in word then do a copy/paste replace (after snapshotting the current version prior to replacing the text). This has worked for all of my project files without incident so it isn’t something new or problematic.

However, with this one scene I’ve even gone so far as to take it into a simple text editor and removed ALL formatting - so it’s basically raw ascii text. Copy/paste and then allow the formatting within my Scrivener project file to take over. If I try to compile - FAIL. No page generation phase ever starts.

HOWEVER, if I roll it back to the snapshot prior to that scene change - it works like a charm.

Lastly. even when I tried to move the file altogether to my research binder - thus, taking it out of the mix entirely from being included, then creating a NEW scene text file in the chapter and pasting the ascii text I run into the same problem where it can’t successfully compile the PDF. If I put back the old file restored from the working snapshot - I am good to go. Now for the weirdness - I took the editor’s changes in word and instead of copy/paste I walked through each change in the word doc and applied them by manually making the same change to the “working” version of the text file (scene) in that chapter. When I tried to compile that? It FAILED again. And this from simply making edits to the working text file within Scrivener.

Que Twilight Zone theme song…

My guess is there is something invalid like the NULL character (impossible to see in the Scrivener editor, and NULL is technically ASCII so utilities that strip non-ASCII might miss it). The free TextWrangler’s Text/Zap Gremlins… menu command might be able to clean up the file further than just plain-texting it.

That doesn’t quite explain how you can get back to the point where it fails to compile by manually editing the file though. If zapping control characters doesn’t work, would it be possible to get a copy of the RTF file that hangs compile? I’d just create a blank project and drag that section over into the blank project’s Draft, compile to make sure it hangs, then send that test project our support address (referring to this thread URL so they can put me in touch with you).