PDF display issue (not yosemite)

I am currently running scrivener on a macbook with 10.6.8 installed. Everything has been working just fine until I installed the latest version of scrivener and now only the first page of my pdf research articles will display. The page count still shows the full size of the document but only the first page will display while the rest is just an enormous void of gray space. Any help?

This is a known problem with the 10.6 version. We are recommending you delay updating for now, or to downgrade back to 2.5 if you already have upgraded. Older revisions can be downloaded from this page. Just close the software, unzip that download, and drag the “Scrivener” icon into your Applications folder, overwriting version 2.6. You can skip the update notice when it asks.

(Or you can just use an external reader to access your PDFs for now, this is easily done with Documents/Open/in External Editor, or Ctrl-Cmd-O.)

We are hoping to have a build that fixes this soon—but it may be provided as a separate download rather than an official update, initially, it depends on what needs to be done for the fix. Since nothing has really much changed in this component since 2.5, it seems to be a problem with developing and building Scrivener on newer versions of OS X, which is unfortunate.

Hmm maybe, I’ll look into it thanks. Do you know what I would be missing/loosing if I were to swap to the older version?


Full details here…