PDF Display Issue

Single page continuous view of PDF does not calculate viewport height correctly if automatic resize is not also selected. Activating ‘Automatically Resize’ from the context menu resolves the issue.

I hadn’t heard about that being a trigger before, but the bug itself is documented here. There is unfortunately no way for us to fix that.

That’s a shame because it interferes with VoiceOver’s ability to read the PDF to me… I literally have to grab the PDF from the binder, deposit it onto the Desktop and then open for VoiceOver to read it. Is it going to be like this as well in Scrivener 3?

Yes, I guess it doesn’t specifically say that in the article but 3.0 will be 64-bit. The bug only exists in the 32-bit PDF viewer, which Apple is phasing out in a year. That’s interesting that even impacts VoiceOver, I guess it is a little deeper than merely being a display bug.

Meanwhile there is a slightly easier approach than what you are currently doing: use the Documents/Open/in External Editor menu command to load the PDF in your default viewer.

Or tap the “external edit” button that shows beneath your PDF. Does the same thing Ioa suggested, but faster yet.