PDF display problems

Anyone else having a problem with PDFs not displaying correctly? I’m getting either out-of-focus text past the first page or no pages at all…

Are you using Sierra? I’ve noticed pervasive issues with blurry PDFs across the system, even including Preview. I’ve heard that resizing the viewer slightly can help with that. I can sometimes also just click the “refresh” button in the footer bar in Scrivener. I’ve had less luck getting around the problem in Preview.

As to the second problem, I haven’t seen anything like that myself. I’d try changing the zoom a bit, or the page layout options (right-click).

I ended up re-starting Scrivener – because the smart quotes had stopped working?! – and everything is fine. However, it’s both good to know that others come across this and that there are solutions.

Best of all: I never noticed the reload button on the bottom right before! (How long have I been using this app and I didn’t notice that?)


I have that problem right now with PDFs. A short (a couple of pages) PDF loads just fine. But a longer one, book length, doesn’t display properly at all. The first page is blank and the other pages scroll up BEHIND it. I’m forced to keep and use my PDFs in another app for now, which may be just as well because it keeps me from making the scriv file huge. Still, I like to keep certain resources together with my notes and writing.