PDF does not display properly in 10.10

Hi there,

I’m on Mavericks (10.10.1) and using Scrivener 2.6 (Mac Book Pro 2010). I have the same problem viewing (well, NOT viewing indeed :open_mouth: ) PDFs when imported and scrolled in Scrivener. I’m a little upset, because I’m using Scrivener for translations a lot and I love so much having the text to translate and the translation I’m writing side by side, in the Left and Right Editors – in the SAME app.

I know, I can open the PDF in external editor, Scrivener and Adobe Reader (or Preview, Skim etc etc) side by side - something I can do with any text editor or WP.

Any hope for this problem to be fixed? Any hints and/or workarounds?

I’ll appreciate any help from Scrivener community!

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to all


I have split this off to a new conversation, since you posted to a thread regarding a specific 10.6 (Snow Leopard) PDF Kit bug that results from compiling software on newer Macs. Since you are running 10.10 (you mention “Mavericks” though, which is 10.9, so you might want to double-check) it is not possible for you to be seeing the same issue.

Instead, if indeed you are running 10.10, you might be running into a conflict with Accessibility controls.

Merry Festivus!

Sorry, Ioa :blush:

My mind is running Mavericks (and sometimes System 9, or maybe 7, ole good times…), my Mac Book Pro is running Yosemite (10.10.1, checked!).

Thanks for your help, I’ve checked the list of softwares triggering the problem: I’m using Typinator (6.3.1), but I can use TextExpander instead (I owe both of them) and I’ve used Boom, but I’m no more using it since updating to Yosemite, because I need as much RAM as I can have, and I can definitely live without Boom. I’ve also checked that VoiceOver is disabled in my System Prefs; I’m trying to uninstall Boom and then I’ll restart the Mac and I’ll try to import a pdf in a Scriv project… And I’ll let you know what will happen.

Many thanks and Buon Natale!

I hope things went well with the Boom test. One thing I meant to point out, you should be fine using Typinator 6.x+. The notice on that page stipulates that only 5.x or less should trigger the conflict. I use Typinator myself on a daily basis with 10.10 and have run into no difficulties with it.