PDF Editing

I get the impression that PDF’s cannot be edited in Scrivener (manual says ‘it would take years to add these features’). So I have used the external program PDF Xchange. With this you can highlight text. However when opened in Scrivener all that can be seen is a thick yellow highlight line, but the test itself cannot be seen.

Acrobat is able to open the new file fine and normally, on the other hand.

Also when adding notes by the side of the pdf, the cursor and text disappears off the bottom of the page, so you have to keep hitting return to get what your writing in view.



The PDF highlight problem is unfortunately a bug in the third-party tool currently used for reading the PDFs; Lee’s looking into other options, such as making use of Acrobat Reader if that’s installed, but nothing’s implemented yet. If it’s possible in the program you’re using, you can highlight at a lower opacity so that the text is visible through the highlight. (Basically the problem is that the highlight color is a layer on top of the text, so making it only 50% opaque will allow the text beneath to show through a bit, though you’ll still be seeing it through the highlight color, so not ideal.) Or you might prefer to use the View in External Editor option for heavily highlighted PDFs.

Do you mean if you’re using the split editor, with the PDF open in one and a text document in the other, the text you’re typing at the end of the document disappears off the screen?

Thanks for the feedback about highlighting.

I meant that when you view a pdf in the program, there is a small window at the right bottom of the screen that allows text to be input. When you get to the bottom it then shifts up a line. It seemed to be going below the bottom of my toolbar so I couldn’t see what I typing before, but perhaps I was being a bit fussy. Seems OK now…

I also use PDF-XChange Viewer and I, too, had a problem with its highlighted text being completely “covered” and not visible in Scrivener.

Yeah, reducing opacity in PDF-XChange Viewer does the trick!

I reduced opacity down to 40% and the highlighting still looks good in PDF-XChange Viewer, and at the same time, it is transparent enough in Scrivener for the text to be visible. :smiley:

Interestingly enough, there seem not to be any problems with underlined and crossed-out text…

That would be awesome, since PDF viewing hasn’t worked for me since they switched to QuickPDF. :slight_smile: