PDF Export doesn't include hyperlinks

I’m compiling use the Paperback setting for PDF. In my back matter, there are hyperlinks (book links, review links, facebook, etc). They work fine in other formats such as .mobi and .epub - but in PDF the links don’t work. How can this be fixed? Is it some kind of setting I am missing?

Hello tdellaringa. Since you’re using a Paperback compile format, it has a default setting of “Optimize for print-on-demand services,” which strips out the hyperlink formatting.

You will likely need to customize your compile formatting, which you can do by clicking the Plus in the lower-left corner of the Compile panel. Then, please select Duplicate & Edit Format.

In the designer panel that opens, you can select PDF Settings from the left-hand column. That will show you the default I mentioned earlier.

Unchecking it and then selecting the hyperlinks options below that should resolve the issues.

If it does not, you can also select Transformations in the left-hand column. There, you can select Underline hyperlinks and Color hyperlinks for good measure.

If those changes do not resolve the issue, please let me know.


Perfect, makes total sense and completely worked. Thank you!