PDF file could not be created (using proofing option)


when trying to compile a PDF output using the “proofing” option I get this error message:

PDF file could not be created
There was a problem creating the PDF file using the “Proofing” option,
which uses a third-party library to generate the PDF data. Would you
like to create the PDF file using Scrivener’s standard methods? (This
is the same as using the “Publishing” option.)

This behaviour did not appear before today.

What is that “third-party library” and where can I find or get it?

All the best
/ Hajo

You already have it, the library is built into Scrivener and normally functions seamlessly. It sounds like there is some issue with the machine that is causing it to fail. Can you compile an ODT file with images, or do they drop out when you compile? If they drop out then it sounds like a universal problem with the converter, and I would check Console to see if any error messages are being produced.