PDF files do not open

It does not open PDFs in research folder.
Please help.

A few things to check:

  1. Does your project name include any accented characters? There’s a bug where these characters in the file name will prevent PDFs from being displayed properly. If your project name does contain such characters, close the project, then in Windows Explorer, rename the project’s .scriv folder to use only Latin characters. (You can still use whatever characters you want within the project text itself, so for instance on your title page you can give the project the appropriate name.)

  2. If the above is not a problem, check inside the Scrivener directory (probably in Program Files) for the file QuickPDFDLL0725.dll – if this is not installed, PDFs will not be viewable. If you don’t have it, reinstall beta 029; the file is included, and if it’s not there it sounds like the installation didn’t run smoothly.

  3. If both the above are not a problem, removing the file association for .pdf may help–another user having this problem reported that after doing so, PDFs imported into new projects (created after disassociating the file type with the PDF reader) were viewable. Depending on what version of Windows you have, this may be more or less complicated–it’s pretty easy in XP, but I believe in Vista and up it may require an additional tool to be installed, so let me know what you’re using if you need to try this step.


I am having this issue too (with many pdf, but not all).

Following your hints (thank you Jennifer)

  • I have chosen a file without accents in it’s name. It does not show.
  • I have checked if the QuickPDFDLL0725.dll is present. It is.
  • Now… I’m on Win7… and I know where to find the file associations…
    There I can associate them… but not dissociate…

Edit :

But… in the project name, there was a quote…
So I chose one with really only latin characters… still NOT possible to view pdf…

you can dissociate files in Win7 and Vista using the following software:
winhelponline.com/articles/2 … Vista.html

It worked for me. For more details on how I managed to resolve this, see