PDF files in the Binder

If I drag and drop a PDF file from the Finder into the Binder, the size of the Scrivener project file increases by the amount of the file size dragged and dropped into it. Depending on the size and number of PDF files dragged and dropped, the project file may increase drastically.

Is there a way to add files into a project as links (sort of), so that they live in the Research folder, can be opened from there, viewed in the Scrivener editor, but do not increase the project file size?

Yes. File -> Import -> Research Files as Aliases.

Note that if you do this, the project is no longer self-contained. Attempting to move the project file without bringing the aliases along will break the aliases.


Thanks! I’ve now discovered the section “10.1.3 Linking to Research Material” in the Manual, which is of great help.

However, linking to research material this way seems to work only if the file is not large (> 100 MB), otherwise editor window turning white.