.pdf files

Whenever I try uploading a .pdf file to my notes it freezes the program. Is there a limit on size? Or is this a bug in the program? (I’m well aware it could be operator error :slight_smile: ) Any advice would be appreciated.

Could you send me a PDF file that causes such a problem (to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com)? This shouldn’t be happening, so it sounds like a bug. Are you using Tiger or Leopard (Tiger had certain bugs pertaining to the PDF view, so if you are using Tiger it could be that).
Thanks and all the best,

Thanks Keith. I’ll send it to you. I’m using Leopard.


I tried uploading a different .pdf and it worked fine (a couple) so there is some problem with my pdf file. Thanks for your quick response and offer of help. But it is definitely not the software!

By the way I’m writing a book and Scrivener is the best software for academic writing/notes that I have found.