pdf for annotation in scrivener cannot be opened

Dear all,

I would like to annotate some pdf-file in scrivener 2.5 on a mac using the external editor,
but I always get the message:
“File cannot be opened in the standard viewer”.
Any suggestions ?

best wishes

It sounds like your default PDF viewing program doesn’t like the PDF you are trying to open. What software do you use to annotate, and if you right-click the application icon in the Scrivener footer bar below the PDF and choose another editor, does it work?

I tried preview, pdf pen pro and skim …

It did not work with both …

… now it works.

I tried a new pdf-file and could open it with preview. Annotation possible. Great ! :slight_smile:

the file that did not work was the default pdf-file that is including the interactive tutorial
and is called spacewalk info.

Maybe this file is damaged…

Thanks you for your support,

best wishes