PDF for CreateSpace

Hi All,
I’m now at the point where I need to produce a PDF ready for upload to CreateSpace. I’m using the Windows version of Scrivener. Is there any step-by-step process on how to produce a valid PDF that will be accepted by CreateSpace?

I didn’t know what it could be

I use a really good book with step-by-step instructions:

How to Format Your Novel for Kindle, Nook, the iBookstore, Smashwords, and CreateSpace…in One Afternoon

Written by Ed Ditto. It is for the Mac version but probably useful for Windows users as well. There is also info on his web page: edditto.com

Thanks for the link lunk. I’d seen Ed’s tutorial before, which was written in 2012. I was hoping there might be an updated version to take advantage of any new Scrivener updates or improvements. A few later links in 2014 talk about a new Front matter feature but the websites seem to have gone.
For now, Ed’s tutorial seems to be the best out there.