PDF Highlight

First of all i would like to thank the developers for creating such a wonderful piece of software. i am a student and i usually come across many pdf files a day, i always wish since the day i purchased scrivener, if i could highlight the pdf just like any other normal pdf software, i don’t like to open pdf in other external softwares and then switch back.
i hope if the developers could add PDF editing options [highlighting specially].

You can already highlight. :slight_smile: Just select the text in the PDF file, and then use the highlight command in the menu, or Shift-Cmd-H as you normally would with a regular text file.

As Ioa says, you can indeed already highlight. For other annotations you will need to use an external editor using Open in External Editor, though - it wouldn’t be possible for us to build in a full PDF editor (and a full web page editor and image editor and sound file editor and so on for all research types we support).

Thanks and all the best,