PDF Highlights not visible

I’m finding that none of the highlights in my PDFs are visible in the IOS app, regardless of where they were originally made (Highlights, Preview or Mac Scrivener itself). However they are definitely in the file, because if I use “open in Another App” in IOScrivener they are visible in PDFExpert.
Otherwise loving the new app, by the way.

Thanks for the kind words!

Scrivener uses Apple’s WebKit to display PDF files, because there is unfortunately no built-in PDF viewer in iOS as there is on macOS. Apple’s PDF viewer is not perfect, and it doesn’t show everything, unfortunately. In the longer term, we may look into other solutions, as there are some paid PDF frameworks available - I’m just a little leery of using third-party frameworks, because they tend to add bulk to the app and you are then reliant on a third-party developer updating their frameworks to work on future versions of iOS.

All the best,