PDF- how to delete header on blank pages?

Hi all,

Can someone please help? I used Scrivener to compile a PDF version for Createspace yesterday. I needed to set blank pages to ensure some pages start on recto pages. Here’s what I did:

  1. On the Text part immediately preceding the recto page Text part, I added blank pages by using Page Break

  2. I tried adding a Text file to separate the 2 parts, but that didn’t work because (a) the blank Text part didn’t show up on compile, and (2) I tried adding text by adding a period or something not noticeable, but then Scrivener interpreted that as a scene break and added “# # #” which I used to mark scene breaks. the “# # #” then shows up on the blank page. So I resorted to using Page Break. (Yes all my attempted solutions are super low tech as I’m not very tech savvy).

  3. Now, the header with the Title & Page Numbers are appearing on the blank pages.

What should I do? Is there a better way to add blank pages, or is there a way to stop headers from showing on the blank pages?

Thanks in advance.

You might have better luck formatting your book by using the features for recto/verso specification. You can tell a section to not only generate a page break, but precisely which side to start on, inserting a blank page as necessary to do so.

The Formatting compile option pane is good to read up on in general, §24.11 in the user manual. The subsection referring to recto/verso placement options starts at the bottom of pg. 387, regarding the “First Page” tab of the Section Layout tool within the pane.

But if you’d rather stick with the “low tech” method of manually doing this by hand, it would probably be more efficient to use a word processor for this, where you actually see the chapter break that needs to be fixed, insert a page break and then move on to the next, rather than having to predict and recompile over and over. But to make an empty page you need to tell the program that is what you want, it will otherwise remove empty pages as that is typically not a desirable outcome. Place the <$BLANK_PAGE> token into the spacer section’s text area with nothing else, then enable the Page Break Before checkbox. You can then duplicate this “spacer” document around as needed.

Regarding the main question: there are a couple of checkboxes in the “Header and Footer” tab of the Page Settings compile option pane that control headers and footers in relation to empty pages or page following breaks. The option to exclude headers and footers on single pages may be enough.