PDF Import Crashes

I can’t find references to the problem I am encountering of frequent crashes when importing pdf files into the Research section of a Scrivener file. I am using v 1.03 on a MacBook Pro. Is there a workaround?


Try downloading the 1.1 beta from the Beta Testing forum and see if that helps.

Many thanks for the tip, Keith. So far, so good! :slight_smile:



Sorry to report that the problem re-appeared this morning, in the same way I encountered it before upgrading to 1.055b. I note that on the occasions when the crash happens, the newly created pdf that I want to import does not appear in the file list, and then Scrivener crashes. When I reopen and repeat the attempted file import, the file is there and it then imports properly, without a crash.

Any ideas or suggestions?

Tom :confused:

Could you post the crash log? Also, could you post the exact steps that I need to follow to reproduce the crash, possibly with a sample PDF file (if it only occurs to certain PDF files), including information about the folder, what else is in the folder and so on and so forth? And what computer are you using (PPC/Intel)?


Thanks, Keith. I just sent off an email note with the Scrivener crash log, and a sample PDF that I think was the one that caused the problem, although almost all the pdfs I am using are created in the same way, as described in the note.

Hope this helps figure it out!