PDF import failure Delete single items fromtrash[BUG LOGGED]

Scrivener’s split screen had me considering if I could use it to take notes in my biochem class but when I tried importing the PDF it wouldn’t load. I’m thinking it has something to do with the PDFs being created from Powerpoint presentations. I’ve attached one of the said files.

Would it be possible to have an option to delete single items from the Trash instead of having to empty the whole trash can to delete items?

Edit: I can’t seem to upload the attachment. Is there another way to get it to you?

Is your quicktime updated? Updating that fixed my pdf import issues.

I believe you can email it to him at:

lee AT literatureandlatte.com

Edit: Spitfire, is your PDF file named something like bionotes.ppt.pdf?

Try renaming it such that it is bionotes.pdf and try again. If not, what do you mean by “It won’t load”?

I believe it is. I have Quicktime 7.6.8. I had no troubles importing pdfs that were created as pdfs. I’m thinking something about the conversion from powerpoint to pdf format is affecting the import.


Ok, so it seems the import issue was more to do with the roman numeral in the pdf title rather than the contents of the pdf.

IV. RNA Transcription wouldn’t import properly. The blank file that was created only had the title of IV while removing the IV. from the file name allowed the pdf to import. It’s probably tied to the presence of the period being after the roman numerals instead of being only used in the extension for the file.

Yes, there’s a bug regarding additional full stops in file names causes issues. I have logged this - thank you.