PDF imported fine -- can I export it too?

Just when I think I’ve got everything super organized, the fates show me who’s boss.

I have a series of pdf docs that I imported into a scriv project. Today I spent an hour and I cannot find the original pdfs. Now I’m trying to figure out if I can export the pdfs I important, because they are the only copies.

Any help or hints much appreciated.

Select the components you wish to export by Cmd-Clicking on them in the Binder. Then use File/Export to generate copies to Finder. This can be done to pretty much everything in the Binder, and even folder sorting will be preserved.

Unfortunately, when I get as far as export, the only format options I’m offered are rtf, txt, word. Nothing about pdf. I did try exporting them in the other formats, and they came through blank.

Maybe this just can’t be done?

I just tested this so I know it works. Do as Amber described but ignore that menu. Leave it at RTFD for example. Then, type in the name and the .pdf is added automatically. (Or if it doesn’t try adding .pdf.) Hit export and the pdf is as good as new. Or at least my test one was.


Yes, if you look, it says “Export text files as[/i]” - this determines what text files get exported as when you have multiple documents selected, some PDF, some images, some text etc.
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