PDF imports inconsistently work

I have PDFs that I would like to import into Scrivener, however, it does not consistently work. Some PDFs import just fine, but then there are many others that do not import properly. While it will show up as being imported in the binder section, the PDF won’t show up on the screen. It will show the previous PDF that imported ok or will show a white blank screen. Is this a glitch or the way that I have things set up?

This is for a research proposal that I’m working on for my class so I appreciate the help :slight_smile:.

This sounds like a bug. Are the PDFs that aren’t importing correctly protected? At the moment Scrivener can’t display protected files in the editor, so that could be the problem. Otherwise, are there any special characters in the file names (accents, etc.)? Try using the Open in External Editor button on the right side of the editor footer (also in Documents>Open) and see if the imported PDF appears properly in your default program.