pdf links and highlighting

Something truly wonderful would be when linking to a Research pdf document, being able to link to a specific page within the pdf.

Also, if changes are made to a pdf within Preview (highlighting, notes, etc.) those changes don’t show up within the Scrivener Research pdf file. It’s possible to delete the old version of the pdf and then import the new version, but that breaks any links made within the Scrivener Draft to the old version of the pdf. If Scrivener was able to recognize the same-named new version of the pdf, the links would remain intact (like links in html: as long as the file name is the same, the most recent version of the file is loaded).

What would be best of all is if the Preview ‘Mark Up’ and ‘Annotate’ features were available to use on the pdf’s while viewing them within Scrivener’s Research section (or if there was a ‘launch pdf within Preview’ option, and then any changes made were saved to the pdf already imported into the Research section).

I hope one of these solutions is possible.

Thank you so much for such a great writing tool!

You’ll be able to highlight PDF files in 2.0, but nothing else. You can, however, just use Scrivener’s “Open in External Editor” feature to open a PDF file inside Scrivener in Preview, then make any changes. They won’t immediately show up in Scrivener, but if you click on another document and then back again, the changes will show up - 2.0 will have a “refresh” button to make updating easier.
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This sounds like a very good feature. Now for a stupid noob question: when I open a PDF in Scrivener I can’t seem to be able to magnify it/zoom in or out. There must be a way, but where is it?

View > Editor > Zoom In/Zoom Out, or just use opt-cmd-up arrow/down arrow.