PDF Note spacing

I am very thankful that Scrivener will display the notes made to .pdf files. Notes made to .pdf files in either Preview or PDFPen will show up in Scrivener when I import the file into my project, and click the small colored note file. Though I wish Scrivener would allow me to annotate .pdf files within Scrivener, I understand that this may be a lot more work then it is worth at this point, so I happily endure and carry on.

What I would like to see is for Scrivener to handle the note location (when expanded) a little better. If my description fails I’ll gladly grab a screenshot of what I mean and post it. When I am in “two pane” mode, and have the note expanded out it takes up a excessive amount of space, both the note file itself, and with the empty space on either side of it. Because I am understandably unable to alter the width of the .pdf in the pane I am restricted to narrowing the panel I am typing in next to the pane the .pdf is in.

Are there any plans for the user to have more control over how the note is formatted in Scrivener? Shrinking the font size, bringing the note closer to the pdf and allow the user to better manage the amount of room that pane takes up would be great. Or if there was a way to export the notes to the information panel on the right that would be great too. Perhaps I’m doing it wrong, and there is a better solution? If there is please share, I’d love to better manage the annotated .pdf file if possible.

Again I an provide a screenshot if that is needed.

Thanks for reading!

The rendering of PDF files and of comments and notes within them is all handled by Apple’s PDFKit - there’s nothing in my code that handles this at all, I’m afraid.
All the best,

Oh, ok. Thanks Keith.