PDF Preview Problematic

Hello all,

Been using Scrivener for something like 6 months and I’m finally ready to maybe print something out as a pdf, but I’m having some trouble with the pdf output. Basically for some of the pages a spurious ‘#’ symbol is added at the end of each page and in certain cases there are additional blank pages that have been added to the overall PDF as well.

I looked in the help and tried to click on
view> pdf display > Page break

But all the pdf display option are completely inactive. Is there any way i can preview the page breaks etc (there is that function in word where if you click on the ¶ symbol you should be able to see all the stuff that breaks up the page. Is there anything comparable in Scrivener?

So the question is, how can I get rid of the # symbols and how can I get rid of the additional pages that have been added randomly to the pdf?

Thanks for anyone’s help in advance.


Go through the settings in Compile Draft and check that it is set up how you want. By default, # is used to separate documents (see the Text Options pane), so you may need to turn that off. Page breaks occur before folders by default, or before any document with “Page Break Before” checked.

There is no “Show Invisibles” option in the current version, although that is coming with the next free update (in a couple of months).

All the best,

Hey thanks Keith.

Perfect. Problems solved. Great work on the software BTW, really enjoying using it, so much so that it’s been the only piece of software apart from firefox and itunes that I use every day.

I’ve only found one bug that would be cool if you could squash it. When in Full Screen mode, you can’t use the function key and the numbers to change the ‘Element’ type within a script say and how that is displayed. The function key just doesn’t get noticed and instead you get just the numbers. Should I file a bug report somewhere,…maybe you already know about this?


I’m not really sure what you mean about the full screen mode… You just need to hit cmd-Y to bring up the menu at the bottom of the screen and then hit the number/letter assigned to the shortcut in the menu. The function keys aren’t assigned to anything in Scrivener by default…