Pdf scaling


Have imported some pdf research materials into a project, and can hardly read them because the font is rather small. I would like to zoom in or zoom out, but can’t find an option to do that. It seems to allow me to view it “actual size” or “size to fit”, neither of which is adequate.

If there is a way of zooming in, please can you confirm what it is. If not, would you consider adding this feature. Thanks!


Right (control) clicking on the pdf file in the editor brings up a menu which includes ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’


Also, Zoom In and Zoom Out are available via the View menu (in the Editor submenu, if memory serves - I’ve rejigged the menus for the next update so that they are now available via View > Zoom > Zoom In/Zoom Out, to make them more accessible). Also, the keyboard shortcuts opt-cmd-up and down zoom in and out.
Hope that helps.

OK thanks for that feedback. I’ve now found all the options you’ve kindly mentioned. I just hadn’t considered looking in the editor submenu. How about +, -, and = symbols in the pdf footer area in a future release?