PDF support

Some years ago I seem to remember being able to open a PDF file within Scrivener and capture the text within the PDF. Is this feature still available in 2.5? How do I gain access to this feature? The Open command shows the PDF greyed out.


The Open command will only open Scrivener projects. To open a PDF file from within Scrivener, you first need to import it into your project.

Moreover, it’s only possible to import a PDF file into the Research area of the Binder, not the Draft area. But once it’s there, you can either view it directly in Scrivener or open it in an external editor.


Also the correct command is File/Import/Files…. The File/Open… command is expressly for opening Scrivener projects. It will not let you open random files as documents.

There has never been a feature that extracts all text out of a PDF though. There are some utilities that will help with that however, some free. Copy and paste works about as well, too.