.pdf text not showing up in editor


I just downloaded Scrivener today for a test-run… so forgive me for what might be staggeringly obvious newbie questions! (I did rummage around through Technical Support before posting this…)

Even during the tutorial, the research .pdf (spacewalk info) text would not appear in the editor. The page count is there, and the beginning text will appear in the synopsis card, but nothing shows up in the editor.

Importing my own .pdfs (even making sure the suffix is attached to the file name) is also rendering up non-visible text in the editor.

Secondly, even files that I’m trying to import from word are coming in with a lot of gibberish.

Am I missing some obvious steps?

Thanks a lot for your help. I’m eager to use the program-- it looks great.

Regarding PDFs. This is a known bug which will be fixed when the next version of Scrivener is released. You can check the beta forum and download the latest beta if you wish. It is quite stable. The PDF is actually intact, but if you take a look at the zoom percentage in the footer bar, you’ll see it is set to something really high. You are simply looking at a tiny little bit of the upper left corner. :slight_smile:

As for the second issue, you might wish to check the FAQ. There are a number of things you can try to solve gibberish imports. Most likely, since you are using Word, you simply need to add ‘.doc’ to the end of your filenames. Scrivener cannot automatically know what kind of file it is without the extension; and it is assuming it is regular text.

Addenda: I should mention one other thing: If you use a lot of footnotes and/or comments in Word, you might want to give the new beta a try. If you export your Word documents as RTF files (from within Word), and then import them, your footnotes will be converted to Scrivener footnotes, and any comments you’ve attached will be converted to Scrivener annotations. Saves a lot of time if you need it.