PDF to Scrivener not working (again)

I hesitate to venture back into this forum, but the PDF to Scrivener feature is not working again, from any application. (Ref https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/pdf-to-scrivener-not-working/13153/1) It did pop Scrivener up to the foreground, but did not import any document and did not write anything to Console.log (the only log file I can find).

PDF to iPhoto works just fine from the same applications.

Do you have any suggestions for how to investigate where the handoff from OSX to Scrivener is failing? Is there other logging that can be turned on, or other logs that get created?

Try this thread on the Apple Discussion boards. Besides the main system logs, I’m not sure where else one can get debugging information on failures here. I’m not even sure how much the OS does, beyond sending a file resource to an alias (and thus the application itself). I have to agree with the general conclusion in the linked thread that this is more likely a problem with PDF generation itself, but why it works for some and not others, or why a standard save to PDF works, I’m not sure.