PDF TOC Generation

My template uses hierarchal numbering <$hn>.
I selected the folders and documents and Edit => Copy Special as Toc and paged into my TC page. Everything looked great (image 1) and I compiled (image 2).

The titles of the chapters have been converted to “Chapter 1” etc. The subheadings only get their number “2.1.1” etc.
The Scrivener V3 manual page 531 discusses this briefly.

Is there a way to revert to the V2 behavior? I really want the chapter and section NAMES in the TOC. How can I do this for a large document without tons of hand editing? I can’t envision a case where the current behavior with only numbers would be wanted.


Nothing has changed in Scrivener 3 in this regard - the way link titles get overridden in Scrivener 3 works identically to Scrivener 2.

The behaviour is set in the “Document Title Links” area when you are editing or creating a Compile Format. You’ll see a checkbox entitled “Update titles in document links with prefix and suffix settings”. That is what is causing Scrivener to replace titles in links with the numbering. Now, if your subheadings don’t have the titles included in Compile, this will be why they aren’t showing - the links are being replaced with the titles as they will be shown in Compile, If titles are included, though, look at the checkbox below this one: “Links use title prefixes only”. Could that be ticked at all?

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