PDF View Size - Stay Selected

I see that it is possible to view PDFs to fit the frame by width, height and also by magnification percentages. It would be good if the selected view could be kept until changed. For example viewing a PDF I often have to view in to see the detail, I then go to another PDF and immediately it defaults back to fit by height , forcing again the view to be manually changed.
Is there any way this could be set without a default value kicking in every time the source pdf is changed?

Many thanks


I agree with this. It would also be great to be able to set custom zoom percentages for PDFs (e.g., 250%) instead of being limited to the preset values.

Me too. Just started using Scrivener and I like it, but not being able to read the pdfs is quite annoying.

HOw about combining the PREVIEW option in the complier where as you can configure size margins fonts etc and save settings…and have a print button in the same window so you can print what is displayed wherever