There is still a weird problem in Beta 1.5, which is not mentioned in the 1.5 bug list.

Why is it possible to view one and the same pdf in some projects and not in others ?

I have been playing around quite a lot with this (1) to find out if pdf itself is cause ; (2) to see if I can make it work.

I have created several pdf, some with “cutepdf”, some saving from Word, some with Scrivener, some are Word documents, some are Scrivener files, some are even Web pages.

All those I have used for the test can be viewed in some projects, and not in some other projects.

This seems to happen randomly.

At first, I thought It stopped working after a certain amount of text or a certain number of files inside the draft. This is how I noticed it the very first time, in a project, where I used to jump from viewer to editor, or have them open both at a time.

But now, in a new project, where I wrote a very short first page, I wish to add a pdf two pages long into the Research folder.

It is impossible to view that file from inside this new and short project.

Of those projects on which I tested this, some stopped showing pdfs, although it worked fine at the beginning.

Once this happens, nothing seems to bring the viewer back.

Once the viewer is gone, it does not even show how many pages are in the pdf document.

My PDF documents were perfect on the first releases of Scrivener for Windows. After version 3, the PDF viewer stopped working with new documents. Since I have also Scrivener for Mac, I tried to open those projects on Scrivener 2. Even though it was impossible to open the projects and the metadata, when I open the package itself, the PDF documents are there in perfect condition. I guess, as you say, that the problem is not in the documents but in the viewer. I haven’t really used Scrivener 1.5, so I would like to know if other people have found this problem solved.


Can you give me something concrete that I can reproduce as I’m having a little trouble understanding exactly what causes this problem?