PDF viewing preferences

Hi Keith,

I’m increasingly using the ability to store and view PDFs within a Scrivener project, and find it incredibly useful with the vertical split pane view, with my draft on the left and the PDF on the right. However, when opening a pdf, the size of the document appears to me to be rather random. I like to have an overview of the pdf when working in Scrivener, using an external viewer to view the pdf in detail. I know there’s the “Size to fit”/“Automatically resize” function, but I have to set this every time I open a new pdf. I think it could be nice with an option to choose the default behaviour of pdf viewing in the preferences

Another thing is the ability to open the pdf in an external editor. As far as I can see, Scrivener automatically opens the file in the default editor. Now, I use Preview as the default editor, as I quite like it for casual viewing, while I prefer Skim when doing serious work (partly due to it’s better full screen and annotation capabilities). For Scrivener to use Skim for PDFs, I would have to change the system default from Preview to Skim, and I would prefer not to?

I know these are minor issues in an application that is otherwise beyond superb. Perhaps the functionally that I’m looking for is already there, and that I’ve just missed it somehow?


Scrivener does remember the PDF size settings, but the trouble is that it currently doesn’t support the “Automatically Resize” feature - my guess is that you are setting that via the Control-click menu. The ctrl-click menu is supplied by the OS, and Scrivener only remembers settings it supports in its main menu. So, in other words, this is a 1.x limitation. I’ve added “Automatically” resize as an option to the main menu for 2.0, so this option will get remembered between launches in 2.0 onwards.

Scrivener 2.0 also allows you to choose the external editor on a per-document basis, in much the same way as you do in the Finder, so that’s coming too.

All the best,

Thanks for the clarification - Looking forward to Scriv 2!