PDF woes

I am having real difficulties with setting up my research as I had hoped because of the extreme sluggishness in loading some books and articles in PDF. What should be a quick look-up sometimes takes a minute or more on some – not all – PDFs, particularly those in image form that I have downloaded from the library. I wonder therefore if there is a way of making “open in external editor” the default. My PDF reader has no difficulty in reading these files.

The easiest way to do this is to use the ‘document references’ pane in the inspector. Add your pdf’s with the ‘look up and add external references.’ These will then open in your system’s default pdf reader, rather than opening within Scrivener.

If they’re not DRM’d, you could split the problem PDFs into sections, perhaps based on the original table of contents. So long as it’s organized in a way that you can jump to the appropriate section, that might be a faster way to keep the documents in your binder while making them less frustrating to open.

There’s not a way to set Open in External Editor as the default, so the best way to do that would be as Camy suggests and just using project (or document) references to store links to the files so you can open these quickly without first loading them in the editor. Alternatively you can lock the editor (Ctrl+Sihft+L) before clicking the PDF in the binder, thus preventing the binder click from affecting the editor, and you can then choose to open the PDF externally, then unlock the editor.