PDFs being gradually eclipsed

Hi all,

Only recently—I don’t know if it started following an OS update, a Scrivener update, or any other key moment—when I try to read PDFs, as I scroll down through the pages a plain white ‘screen’ starts to cover part of the window. The farther I scroll, the bigger the proportion of plain white screen. Sometimes it starts from the bottom and grows upward, sometimes the opposite. The effect is that by the time I’ve scrolled through enough pages, the PDF has been totally eclipsed and I can only see white screen.

It’s possible that I’m not describing this well so I’ve included a series of screen shots. You’ll see that the first page of the book looks normal; the second screen shot (page 4 of the book’s page numbering) shows a thin white line at the top of the window; the third screen grab (page 141) shows that thin white line has become much thicker; same with the fourth (p. 284); fifth (p. 325); and sixth (p.438).

The .zip file containing the screen shots is 6.1MB (and there is an attachment limit for this forum of 1MB) so here it is as a Dropbox link: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/178 … clipse.zip

When I read full screen, like is shown in the screen grabs, I can manage, but I was recently trying to read from a 600-page book on a split screen because I was using the because I was talking notes on a blank page in the bottom window. After about 100 pages I could see nothing but white.

As I said, this is a new issue for me; whether or not this is an optimum or intended way to use Scrivener, I’ve had no trouble with PDF scrolling until very recently, and I’ve been using Scrivener since 2008. I’d appreciate any thoughts.

Yup, that would be when you updated to Mac OS X 10.9, which introduced several PDF display bugs such as this one. I’m afraid there isn’t much we can do about it; we’re just passing through the Apple PDF viewer in our editor window. I experience this problem in other programs that use PDF Kit (though of course, Preview is just fine as it doesn’t use PDF Kit, and that should tell you something about the problem). I have found that changing my PDF settings to use page breaks (in the View/Media/PDF Display/ sub-menu) instead of continuous scrolling, pretty much eradicates the problem. It was a little jarring at first, as I’ve grown used to just using the scroll wheel, but hitting spacebar or using the arrow keys to navigate through pages one by one is actually something I’ve come to prefer.

Thanks for the information. I’ve made the adjustment.