PDFs in 'People' keep disappearing.

Okay, so I dragged a PDF image into a folder in ‘people’ and when I finished working I saved the project. When I went back and reopened Scrivener the image was gone but everything else was there. This has happened multiple times. Why aren’t my PDF’s saving? :confused:

Could you please clarify which version you are using? Given that you say there is a folder called “People”, it sounds as though you may be using Scrivener Gold (which isn’t supported any more, though shouldn’t exhibit the behaviour you are describing all the same).

I am using Scrivener Gold, but I didn’t know that it wasn’t supported anymore. So I assume that I can buy the working version now… :question: :exclamation:

Actually, yes - it was released today. :slight_smile: If you to the product web page:


you can download the 30-day trial of Scrivener 1.0. Note that there some differences that may take a little getting used to (for instance, you cannot open documents in more than one window in the new version), but the new version is far, far more flexible and integrated than SG ever was.

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Haha, that’s funny that it was released today. Actually, I’ve been writing in word for five years (out of school at least) and I just found out about the Beta Scriv through a friend and starting integrating it into my routine, but anyway, thanks for the info. that’s great! :smiley: